The current storyline of “Curbside”, (working title: Curbside Boys In Love and In Trouble), began in the winter of 2001 and focuses on Nathan, a year after the events chronicled in Curbside Boys. Our hero is on the lam due to some some trouble he ran into back in New York involving The Atoms, a roving street gang of young rough ‘n tough gay boys. Nathan’s romantic relationship with Cal, the Atom’s youngest, cutest member, sets off a chain of events that threaten his well-being, even in the present.

Meanwhile, Nathan’s younger brother, J.T., an affable, artistic fellow, is involved in a relationship with Brendan, an inquisitive, rather capricious young librarian. It’s straight-and-narrow Brendan who has the honor of hearing the long story of Nathan’s wild, secretive, and dangerous past, direct from Nathan himself.
So like, stay tuned!

Turf Cartoon 301: C.T. 'n me
“Turf” “C.T. ‘N Me”

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