Now available from San Francisco’s Green Candy Press, The Book of Boy Trouble, a collection of ‘greatest hits’ comics from the first 4 issues of the Gay Boy Comics Zine With a New Attitude, edited by David Kelly and me. This book also includes spanking new work by many regular contributors and additional artists, including Andy Hartzell, Michael Fahy, Craig Bostick, Anonymous Boy, Justin Hall and Brett Hopkins. Plus 24 pages in full color! Get it here:

Juicy Mother Cover Art

Released in February of 2005, a great comics anthology edited by the mighty Jennifer Camper. I illustrated a 6 page story by Stephen Winter (one of the producers of the acclaimed indie film sensation from Fall 2004, Tarnation). Other contributors include Joan Hilty, Howard Cruse, Ivan Velez, Jr., Leanne Franson and Michael Fahy. Get it here
We’re still all waiting for the long-awaited and currently-delayed Juicy Mother #2, but sources close to me say it should be out in another few months or so. A comics anthology by and about queers, women, and people of color, Juicy Mother Number Two offers a true alternative to alternative comics, a genre dominated by straight white men. This follow-up to the excellent first edition features contributors like Alison Bechdel, Joan Hilty, Howard Cruse, and Ivan Velez Jr. I illustrated a funny little 2 page story by journalist Lawrence Ferber for this edition.

Curbside “Curbside” is my bi-weekly cartoon strip that’s been running regularly in the gay and alternative presses since 1991. There are two paperback book collections available. The first book, cleverly titled Curbside, was published in 1998 by Hobnob Press with the aid of a grant from the Xeric Foundation.

Curbside collects the best of the strip’s early, largely autobiographical years, and is still available in discriminating bookstores nationwide.

My second and most recent “Curbside” collection is the graphic novel Curbside Boys, published in October 2002 by San Francisco’s award-winning Cleis Press. Curbside Boys chronicles the bittersweet love affair between Drew, a lonely, aspiring writer, and Nathan, a charming, handsome, but untamed would-be musician, against the backdrop of late 1990’s New York City.

“…it’s as sweet and truthful as you want it to be…There’s not an easy punchline on every page and there’s an unforced bittersweet quality to it, like all good memories ought to have. This is more than just a comic, it’s good storytelling with characters you’ll grow very fond of.”
-Dave White
Instinct magazine

“There is much that is truthful and universal for many readers to recognize in all four characters and their interactions.”
-The Comics Journal

“An unexpected little treasure.”
-The Lambda Book Report

Book: Curbside BoysCurbside Boys contains all 120 episodes of the saga of Nathan and Drew - plus their friends Kevin and Rain - and even a little bit of “me,” (though definitely more in the supporting player category this time, as Nathan’s long-suffering best friend, Rob). As I didn’t publish this tome, you cannot get it from me, but you can order the book right now, this minute (please?) by going to , or, if you absolutely must go the huge soulless corporate behemoth route, to But really, do it through Cleis, ok? They feature free shipping, and they really do publish a lot of awesomely cool books.
Tell ‘em Rob sent ya (yeah, do it)!

Now available, but only in Spain and thereabouts, the cool Spanish translation of Curbside Boys from Ediciones la Cupula. Yes, it’s true: if you’ve ever wanted to see Nathan and Drew’s tumultuous relationship play out in an entirely different language, now is your chance! Go here:

Also now available for your reading pleasure, this time as a perfect-bound 80-page paperback, the 10th anniversary issue of Boy Trouble, the gayboy comics anthology I started in 1994 and currently co-edit with its lovely and talented publisher, David Kelly (of “Steven’s Comics” fame). There is a nice buzz over this best-yet edition, including its mention in The Advocate’s “Recommended Summer Reading List of 2004″. Contributors include David Kelly, Tony Arena, Craig Bostick, Cathy Camper, Jennifer Camper, C. Bard Cole, Michael Fahy, Leanne Franson, Andy Hartzell, GB Jones, Steve MacIsaac, Ivan Velez, Jr., and me, of course.

Boy Trouble CoverBoy Trouble is available in bookstores everywhere and also here:

David Kelly Studio

or here:

“This collection of comics captures with grace and humor-and frequently profound insight-the joys, pressures, and contradictions of being gay in America. I loved this shit, from beginning to end.”
-Dan Savage
“Savage Love”